Complete buyer’s advantage to purchase biodegradable materials from us

1, Zero competition

Competition is always the key factor in whether you should choose a material or not. If somebody is using the same material it means they’re taking clients away from you. When you place an order from us, the materials are 100% customized according to your own product niche, which will keep your product unique from others. So, when your customers want to compare the price, you can say “No, we’re using a different material. It’s not comparable!”.

2, Fast delivery

Are you waiting for 15 days to 45days for delivery from other manufacturers? From us, no. We proceed with your order within 24 hours, and our daily production capacity is 4 to 10 40’HQ containers. This means, that if there is no other client’s order before you, we can deliver your order the same day you place the order based on our production schedule “first come, first produce!”.

3, Lower price

Why our cost is lower than the market price? When other manufacturers produce 1 container that needs 4 to 5 days or more, we can produce 10 containers within 1 day, as we’re producing the bigger quantity, thus production cost is lower and also have a lower raw material cost.

4, Complete adapt to the plastic machine

Are you always stuck your machine with other manufacturers’ materials? Sorry, that won’t happen with our material. To guarantee our materials are well adapted to the plastic machines, saving our clients from tons of problems, we’re not saving money on that. Firstly, we spend more than 25% of our profit on R&D to improve our materials daily. Secondly, we even purchased complete production lines to test our materials before sending them to our clients. (This is different from other manufacturers, neither they do not produce 100% biodegradable material like ours nor are they willing to purchase the finished product line to test the materials before sending it to their clients)

(Note should be given, our finished production line is not going to compete with any of our clients because we have limited mold for the major purpose of testing)

5, Made in China

China has the world's most complete supply chain, thus the product and materials are the most valuable for money in the world. Made in China has created many legends for foreign companies, the value for investment is non of other countries in the world can compare. You can purchase products and materials from other countries cheaper? However, based on the same standard, you can get even cheaper from China. Because other countries need to buy from China first, but China companies have everything they need from neighbor factories side by side. 

6, We obey business ethics

We seriously obey business ethics, which means we won't sell like other companies only sell for money. Each of our products and materials has a higher value than its selling price, which always brings real benefit to buyers and buyer's customers.

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