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Leeka Biodegradables is a pioneer in biodegradable and compostable material solutions. It’s a branch company fundraised by Leeka Corp, focusing on the development of biodegradable resins such as PLA, PBAT, PAG, and biodegradable polymer formulas that could be directly put on existing plastic machines production.

The market has a great demand for biodegradable materials, it’s a trend now and also has a very good future. Plastics, especially single-use plastics could be completely replaced by Leeka biodegradable materials. The materials can adapt to various kinds of products such as inject molding, blow film, etc. Also, according to the characteristics of client production equipment, the materials could be flexibly customized to help the production be more fluent.

Clients choose materials from Leeka biodegradables as a solution to produce more eco-friendly products, improve food safety standards, replace single-use plastic production, and respond to the call of the government to prohibit plastic pollution. The materials are a better choice than plastics as they have almost zero waste disposal cost. Traditional plastics have lesser cost but when they turned into rubbish, the cost almost doubled. Thus, biodegradable materials are the choice to lower down the overall cost.

Our new materials have a bright future, if you're interested in it, contact us, let's us work together to help human being have a better life and future.