Most of our overseas customers purchase directly FCL (20'GP, 40'GP, 40'HQ) as our materials were tested in our own manufacturing plants, for some customers who are not confident enough on our materials, ordering small quantity samples first as a trial is accepted, you can check below international courier cost from our location to your office below, the freight cost is discounted price from our international couriers.

Any material weights below 20.5kgs:


Any material weights above 20.5kgs:

21-45KG45-70KG71-100KG101-200KGAbove 201KGShipping time
Japan6.035.715.405.245.244 days
Korea8.738.578.418.258.254 days
Australia12.3812.3812.0611.9011.904~5 days
New Zealand12.3812.3812.0611.9011.905 days
Malaysia/Thailand/Singapore/Philippines11.5911.4311.2711.1111.114 days
Southeast Asia (region 2)15.0814.9214.7614.6014.604 days
Canada13.3313.1713.1713.0213.027 days
Western Europe12.0612.0611.9011.7511.757 days
Middle East16.1915.8715.8715.7115.716 days
Eastern Europe/Africa16.1915.8715.8715.7115.717 days
South America19.0519.0518.7318.5718.577 days
India9.529.529.379.219.215 days


Bangladesh, Brunei, Nepal, Maldives, Cambodia, Sri Lanka

Germany, United Kingdom, France, Austria, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Norway,Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Greece

Jordan, Oman, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Sudan, Qatar, Bahrain, Lebanon, Syria, UAE, Kuwait

Argentina, Antigua, Panama, Belize, Venezuela, Paraguay, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, Costa Rica, Dominica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honclas, Jamaica, Cuba, Uruguay, Mexico, Bahamas, Nicaragua, Brazil

Angola, Benin, Central Africa, Congo, Ethiopia, Liberia, Guinea, Kenya, Ghana, Mauritius, Morocco, South Africa, Mozambique, Nigeria, Libya, Uganda, Rwanda, Bari

Bulgaria, Albania, Czech Republic, Robania, Estonia, Hungary, Poland, Yugoslavia, Bosnia, Croatia, CIS, Russia

※ The freight cost weight is based on the actual weight and the measurement, if the measurement Length(cm)*Width(cm)*height(cm)/5000is bigger than the value of the actual weight, this measurement value will be taken as the weight for actual freight charge calculation.